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If you sell personal property of substantial value, you want escrow account services that are rigorous and efficient. Providing escrow for personal property sales requires the experience and expertise of professionals who understand the unique nature of these sales and how best to work with all the parties to provide a smooth closing. When you work with Arizona Escrow you can expect a detail-orientated, results-driven experience that provides you with a smooth real-estate escrow process.

  • Clear escrow agreements – we work with you to have a clear understanding of your escrow agreement and what that means for the overall closing process.
  • Transparent escrow accounts – you’ll always know where funds are in the process of being transferred to their agreed-upon account.
  • Escrow documentation – the paperwork necessary for escrow can be substantial, we handle the paper-pushing and track the overall escrow process for you.

At Arizona Escrow & Financial (AEF), we have worked with businesses in all of the primary industries of hospitality, manufacturing, service, and medical to provide personal property escrow services. From restaurants and hotels to hair salons and dry cleaners, we have worked with Brokers, CPAs, and Attorneys across Arizona to help facilitate sales of varying levels of sophistication.

There can often be complex financial issues to address and we have worked closely with industry experts for over 46 years to help all parties understand the process and complete these sales.

Why Use Escrow For Personal Property Transactions?

Personal property refers to any assets or items involved in a business sale that do not pertain to real property or real estate. For personal property of high value, using the expertise and neutrality of an escrow company provides insulation from risk for both the buyer and seller along with several key advantages:

  1. Ensures Conditions Are Met: The funds are only released when both parties fulfill their obligations as outlined in the agreement. This might include the delivery of the product or service, inspection, or any other agreed-upon conditions.
  2. Fraud Mitigation: Using escrow reduces the risk of fraud for both the buyer and the seller. The escrow service can verify the legitimacy of the transaction and ensure that the terms are followed before releasing funds.
  3. Streamlining Transactions: In cases where a transaction involves multiple steps or conditions, an escrow service can help in streamlining the process. Funds can be released in stages as each condition is met, making the overall transaction smoother.
  4. Cross-Border Transactions: Escrow services can be particularly useful in international transactions where there may be additional challenges and risks associated with currency exchange, shipping, and different legal systems.
  5. Legal Compliance: Escrow services often have legal expertise, and they can help ensure that the transaction adheres to relevant laws and regulations.
  6. Dispute Resolution: If there are disputes between the buyer and the seller, the escrow service can act as a mediator to resolve the issues. If an agreement cannot be reached, the escrow service may have procedures in place for dispute resolution.

When Is Escrow For Personal Property Recommended?

Arizona Escrow Financial works with clients on transactions that are sufficiently large or complex enough to require a neutral third party with legal understanding to execute the sale. We work with businesses and individuals to ensure that these high-dollar transactions meet their contractual obligations for all parties. Some of the most common personal property that use an escrow service include:

  • Equipment
  • Boats
  • Collector’s vehicles
  • Business name
  • Leasehold interest
  • Improvements
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Menus, processes, and business operations

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We understand the distinct intricacies involved in personal property sales and have the experience and expertise to collaborate effectively with all parties involved in order to expedite closings. Additionally, we are well-equipped to tackle any inquiries or obstacles that may surface during the process.

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Highlighted Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Escrow page image of dentist office with overlay of text dental practice and real property sale

Our team recently handled the sale of a Dental practice and real property combo for $4,700,000.00. SBA financed; collateralized with commercial real property; title insured.

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