Commercial Real Estate Escrow Agents

Arizona Escrow Financial coordinates commercial real estate transactions with decades of experience supporting complex, large-scale purchase and sale agreements. Working with buyers, sellers and their representatives, we provide the following services to ensure a smooth closing process:

  • Transaction Coordination – Collecting, holding, and disbursing funds and documents according to the terms of the contract agreement.
  • Document Review – Review all relevant documents, including purchase agreements, title reports, financing documents, and other necessary paperwork.
  • Title Services – Working with a title company to conduct a title search, issue title insurance, and ensure the title is clear and transferable.
  • Closing Services – Preparing closing statements, disbursing funds, and ensuring all documents are properly executed and recorded.
  • Post-Closing Services – Holding documents and / or funds for ongoing obligations or performance guarantees.

Complex Contract & Escrow Experts

Commercial real estate transactions can be complicated, so the need for an experienced escrow agent to oversee and coordinate a smooth transaction is critical. The experienced team at Arizona Escrow & Financial work to protect buyers and sellers while facilitating a timely execution of the closing.

    • Dispute Resolution: Acting as a neutral third party the escrow agent can hold documents and/or funds until disputes are resolved.
    • Accounting Services: Providing accounting services related to the transaction, such as tracking funds, and reporting.
    • Compliance Services: Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards throughout the transaction process.

Custom Escrow Services

Arizona Escrow & Financial has decades of experience customizing the escrow process around buyers and sellers. This includes:

      • Unique Business Arrangements: Joint ventures or development deals with multiple parties, phases and timelines that require special attention.
      • Complicated Real Estate Financing: Equity stakes, SBA, bridge loans, and other financing vehicles can be accommodated in escrow.
      • On-going Contract Terms: Purchase and sale agreements that occur in phases or have clauses related to the exchange of capital and ownership need continued support.

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We understand the distinct intricacies involved in personal property sales and have the experience and expertise to collaborate effectively with all parties involved in order to expedite closings. Additionally, we are well-equipped to tackle any inquiries or obstacles that may surface during the process.

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Highlighted Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Escrow page image of dentist office with overlay of text dental practice and real property sale

Our team recently handled the sale of a Dental practice and real property combo for $4,700,000.00. SBA financed; collateralized with commercial real property; title insured.

Why Arizona Escrow?

We have been Arizona’s largest independent escrow company since 1976.

We focus on Business and Commercial Real Estate transactions and Customizable Escrow Accounts

Our team is focused on efficient and clear communication to create smooth closings.

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