The principals and staff of Arizona Escrow & Financial Corporation have been meeting the escrow needs of the business community since 1976.

We are specialists in the handling and overseeing of the requirements of the sale, purchase and exchange of Businesses, with or without real property, Personal Property or other escrows. As specialists in this field, our expertise enables the principals and staff of Arizona Escrow & Financial Corporation to handle the orderly transfer of property from a Seller to a Buyer in a competent, expedient and low-cost manner.

An escrow service is, by definition, an unbiased third party that has a fiduciary responsibility to each party in the transaction. This impartiality allows both parties to feel confident and at ease during the course of the transaction. In this day and age of rapid growth in real and personal property sales, it is imperative that specialization be provided to assure the orderly transition of property. Read more about our services here.


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Monica May-Dunn CEO of Arizona Escrow and Financial
Annette Anderson President of Arizona Escrow and Financial