Ep. 4 – Working Genius

In our 4th episode, we have esteemed guest Nancy Padberg, CEO of Catholic Education of AZ. Nancy will be sharing her insights and experiences centered around Patrick Lencioni’s book “6 Types of Working Genius”. Join us as we explore the transformative power of identifying your working genius.

In this episode we discuss

  • What “Working Genius” is
  • How you can utilize your Working Genius to motivate your team
  • How understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses can lead to more effective hiring practices

This Episode’s Guest
Nancy Padberg is the CEO of Catholic Education AZ 

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Ep. 3 - Hungry, Humble & Smart

For our third episode, we are joined by Chuck Wimmer, Owner of Business Brokers of Arizona. In this episode, we discuss the three traits author Patrick Lencioni says a good team member must possess in his book "The Ideal Team Player".

  • What it means to be a hungry team player
  • How you can encourage your team to stay humble
  • How to promote a group mentality around success
  • How to create a culture of taking the lead without being asked
  • Life experience and how it informs a "smart" team player

This Episode's Guest
Chuck Wimmer is the Owner of Business Brokers of Arizona.

Ep. 2 - What Fuels You? Motivation and "Doing the Impossible"

For our second episode we are joined by Elaine Szeto, the EVP/Chief Innovation Officer & Founder at Integro Bank. In this episode we look at how you can build a positive team based on the book Doing the Impossible by Patrick Bet-David:

  • How Being enthusiastic gets people motivated
  • How knowing your why fuels you
  • How to not let fear discourage
  • How to surround yourself with people who inspire you
  • Happiness comes from being challenged, growing as a person, and chasing a dream.

This Episode's Guest
Elaine Szeto is EVP/Chief Innovation Officer & Founder at Integro Bank.

Ep. 1 - Building Positivity: The Energy Bus

In this episode, with our guest Lisa Riley from Delta Business Advisors, we dicuss 5 topics from The Energy Bus by John Gordon:

  • How Being positive not only makes you better it makes everyone around you better.
  • Why Lead with Optimism
  • How to Engage in relationships with your team
  • How being enthusiastic attracts and energizes others around you
  • How Catching people doing something right and acknowledging builds strong leadership

This Episode's Guest

Lisa Riley is a Principal at Delta Business Advisors.

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