Ep. 2 – What Fuels You? Motivation and “Doing the Impossible”

For our second episode we are joined by Elaine Szeto, the EVP/Chief Innovation Officer & Founder at Integro Bank. In this episode we look at how you can build a positive team based on the book Doing the Impossible by Patrick Bet-David:

  • How Being enthusiastic gets people motivated
  • How knowing your why fuels you
  • How to not let fear discourage
  • How to surround yourself with people who inspire you
  • Happiness comes from being challenged, growing as a person, and chasing a dream.

This Episode’s Guest
Elaine Szeto is EVP/Chief Innovation Officer & Founder at Integro Bank.

Ep. 1 – Building Positivity: The Energy Bus

In this episode, with our guest Lisa Riley from Delta Business Advisors, we dicuss 5 topics from The Energy Bus by John Gordon:

  • How Being positive not only makes you better it makes everyone around you better.
  • Why Lead with Optimism
  • How to Engage in relationships with your team
  • How being enthusiastic attracts and energizes others around you
  • How Catching people doing something right and acknowledging builds strong leadership

This Episode’s Guest

Lisa Riley is a Principal at Delta Business Advisors.

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