Holding & Disbursement Escrow For Commercial Transactions

Attorneys and businesses across the United States partner with Arizona Escrow and Financial to hold and disburse funds because of our decades of experience, ability to handle complex payouts, and reliable management of funds in the escrow process.

Our holding and disbursement escrow accounts are used for:

  • Business sales
  • Intellectual property sales
  • Commercial real estate
  • Stock and option shares
  • Business property sales

When you hold money in escrow with Arizona Escrow & Financial, you’re trusting 104 years of combined experience dealing with businesses from all over the US in complicated escrow disbursement agreements. We hold funds until the terms of the contract are fulfilled and then disburse funds as instructed.  For large asset purchases, this includes fulfilling several obligations that escrow agents confirm in order to manage funds properly.

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We understand the distinct intricacies involved in personal property sales and have the experience and expertise to collaborate effectively with all parties involved in order to expedite closings. Additionally, we are well-equipped to tackle any inquiries or obstacles that may surface during the process.

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Why Arizona Escrow?

We have been Arizona’s largest independent escrow company since 1976.

We focus on Business and Commercial Real Estate transactions and Customizable Escrow Accounts

Our team is focused on efficient and clear communication to create smooth closings.

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