Published On: February 25th, 2024

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Local businesses are vital to Arizona’s economic health. Beyond facilitating the closing of business transitions, at Arizona Escrow & Financial Corporation, it is our mission to support organizations that benefit the Phoenix Business Community and Business Owners. However, through these endeavors, we are able to have a state-wide and national impact.

Central to our mission is being a trusted escrow partner for attorneys, brokers, lenders, and business owners, as well as advocates for the betterment of our local community.

We proudly support several notable institutions that play significant roles in fostering growth, enhancing well-being, and fortifying the great state of Arizona. Each association we support embodies an aspect of our broader mission: to contribute meaningfully to our community and to champion the values that drive us as responsible corporate citizens.

Phoenix Business We Support

  • Land Title Association of Arizona: LTAA contributes to the state’s stability and growth of the title industry. By supporting LTAA, we can contribute to advocating for policies and practices that benefit the title industry and, by extension, the real estate sector as a whole. (Please click here for upcoming and past events?)
  • Arizona Crew: Woman Icon Event: Supporting events like the Arizona Crew Woman Icon Event helps to foster leadership and empower women in the business community.
  • Risk Management Association of Arizona: Through our involvement with the Risk Management Association of Arizona, we stand by our commitment to prudent risk management practices, essential for a resilient business environment.
  • CCIM Institute: The CCIM Institute certifies real estate professionals to help them gain expertise in financial, market, user, and investment analysis, as well as negotiations. CCIM-certified professionals help clients to minimize their risk, maximize return on investment, and make informed decisions.
  • American Heart Association Walk: We actively participate in the American Heart Association Walk, showing solidarity and dedication to the health and well-being of our community.
  • Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce: The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce provides key business resources and advocates for policies that support the local business ecosystem and economic growth.
  • Arizona Business Brokers Association: Engaging with the Arizona Business Brokers Association allows us to contribute to the success of business brokers and facilitate smooth business transactions.
  • Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce: The Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce is a member organization that is dedicated to supporting the success of the business community in the area. They strive to engage, advocate, and influence the local business landscape through a range of educational opportunities and events.
  • Local First Arizona: Local First Arizona is a nonprofit organization committed to community and economic development throughout Arizona. As proponents of local business, we actively support Arizona Local First, championing the prosperity of homegrown enterprises.
  • Integro CEO Advisory Board: The Integro CEO Advisory Board provides valuable insights and fosters strategic leadership in the business community.
  • Women At The Top (WATT): Supporting WATT reinforces our commitment to promoting awareness and advocating for a safer and more secure business environment.
  • Amanda Hope Organization: Amanda Hope Organization provides hope and assistance to children and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

The importance of our community remains a priority for us and we will continue to prioritize contributing in the areas we serve. We believe that by actively participating and supporting these organizations, we can help create an even more vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive business community.

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